End The Paper Madness: The 4-Step Mail Management System

End The Paper Madness: The 4-Step Mail Management System Okay, let’s talk about paper for a minute. Many people nowadays find that they just can’t cope with the mountains of papers that seem to have overtaken their homes. They feel so helpless as they stuff unopened envelopes into drawers, hide piles of papers in cabinets, and stick old bills into shopping bags to be reviewed “later,” but “later” never comes. You might think that the situation in your home will always be hopeless, as the paper marches on, invading your home and your life with no end in sight! I’ve got great news for you!!!!! You are the gatekeeper of your home, and as such, you can stop the paper madness right at your front door!! If you consistently follow this four-step process that I’ve explained below, you will be

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