Conquer Clutter With Clarity

Conquer Clutter With Clarity How To Increase Storage & Reduce Clutter In Cabinets & Closets (Disclaimer: Due to my time and effort to discover these awesome products, IĀ hope you won’t mind that any product links included are affiliate links which means I earnĀ a small commission if you click the item and make a purchase. Thank you!) Just a few short years ago (when I was young and innocent and before I transformed into an organizing fiend), I used to think that an organized cabinet or closet meant the items merely needed to be properly lined up or folded neatly and, every so often, the shelves would need to be wiped out and “VOILA!”, a beautifully maintained closet space. Sounds simple, right? And then I got to thinking (which I do on occasion) and questions swirled around and around

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