How to Re-purpose items around your house for organizational purposes. Wait! Stop! Don’t throw that egg carton out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that so many items in your home can be recycled and reused for various purposes?? let me give you an example of that…. Your lowly egg carton can serve so many puposes once it’s little guys have flown the coop (oy, I know that’s a horrible pun but I just can’t help myself sometimes!! Look at all the fabulous things you can do with egg cartons!!! You can make keepsake boxes out of them for children Instead of wasting plastic cups for painting, just rip off a piece of the ol’ carton and put a different color paint into each egg spot (I like to call those holes in the egg carton “egg spot”. I don’t know, it just makes me happy in my crazy brain, so please just go with it. Thank you). You can store buttons, small

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