Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizers

door tray organizer

Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizers

There’s a secret hiding in your kitchen……

Yes, that’s right. Right under your nose is some fabulous storage space that you might have no idea that it exists!

You cry, beg for a new, larger kitchen, but honestly, you might not need new cabinets and new storage space.

Just open your eyes and take a look!! Did you know that your cabinet doors standing all kinda (ahem) undressed and bare can be made so much more functional?

A simple addition such as this door tray organizer can hold so many of the products that have been stuffed inside your cabinet, crying out for a breath of some fresh air and space!

Here are two imporant things to keep in mind for your new “Over the door fabulousness.”

A. make sure to measure your door so that the product you purchase will fit properly.

B. If the product hangs OVER the door, check that you have enough clearance so that the door will close properly once the product is installed.

So you might be thinking “hmm… okay, I guess I can hang up a shelf or so on my cabinet door…”

Well I’m here to tell you that there are so many many ways to use that little wonderful rectangular stupendous area.

You can hang spices on your door, store your foil and saran wrap boxes in a foil wrap holder, or use one of these door bag organizer to corall the bags that have been flying all over your kitchen. The possiblities are endless!!!

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