Travel Like A Pro

Travel Like A Pro

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It’s summer time and the living is easy…and so should your traveling! I don’t know about you but for me, those hazy crazy lazy days of summer that just make us want to get up and GO GO GO!!!!
car with suitcases






I remember the days when my family would go traipsing around the country side in my youth. Suitcases would be bursting from their contents, while toiletries vied for a place to call home next to errant shoes that had lost each other in the caverns of huge valises, never to be reunited. Let’s just say that a certain little girl might have been caught wearing her brother’s shirt because her tops had gone missing until 5 days into the trip!!


messy suitcase



 ——> This is what my suitcases ALWAYS used to look like.




Well, those days are long over, my friends, because now that I organize professionally, I have discovered so many fabulous ways to keep my  family in order while out on vacay!! What a headache avoider (I know, I  know…not English but you understand, right?!). Imagine…the minute  you arrive at your destination, you know exactly where each item of your  personal belongings can be found. (Ahh…bliss)

There are a few different modes of travel, and each one has its own specific way of packing.

Car Travel

For car travel, I came upon this ingenious idea a while back!! If you have room in the trunk, pack each person in your family an individual chest of plastic drawers. Each set of drawers should have the owners name written on it, and once filled with that person’s name, it should be taped shut so that it does not open during travel.
Imagine arriving at your lakeside destination in the early afternoon, the lake is shimmering, and a boat bobs invitingly at the dock…

dock and lake



—-> A little visual aid to set the mood.



You leap out of your car and are overwhelmed by the scents of ladyslippers (that would be a flower in case you weren’t sure) and sassafras and the wild columbines and trilliums tucked between shifting hemlock dunes…I digress. All you want to do is get out there and be one with nature! Well, now you can! You don’t even have to unpack! Just lift those pre-packed drawers right out of your car, put them into your lake house (because who doesn’t have a lake house, am I right??), and you have not lost a moment of time to begin enjoying your vacation!

Something like this would do the trick very well:

sterilite drawers

and then, on the way home, just load up the drawers into your car, and you are ready to go home. How wonderful!


Now, what if you are using suitcases? There is a wonderful solution to keeping the suitcase jumble at a minimum by using these:
ikea stubb

These storage boxes will save you hours of frustration – no more hunting for that favorite blue shirt that fell beneath the shoe pile during travel. These cubes will keep your family’s belongings compartmentalized as well as allow you to easily transfer them from your suitcase and pop them into your hotel room bureaus (Bonus: You can avoid the “eww” factor of worrying about who had their stuff in the drawer before you got there!).

Tanya’s Go-To Summer Packing Tips:

1. Merino. Clothing made from merino wool is super-lightweight, keeps you warm in cold weather
and cool in hot weather and you can wear it for days on end and it still won’t smell.

2. Only pack enough clothes for 7 days – no matter how long you’re traveling for. It is easier to find a laundromat once a week than it is to carry all of the extra weight around with you the entire trip.

3. Air Compression Bags. These packing bags will save you so much air space in your suitcase! space bag









4. Put your shoes in a shower cap. This keeps them together and prevents the bottoms from staining your clothing.

shower cap

5. Outlets-To-Go. Outlets are worth their weight in gold in crowded airports or bus stations; this is the fastest way to win friends and become master of your domain.

6. Extra Buttons Are Your New Best Friends. Keep track of small stud earrings by fastening the set through buttonholes before slipping them into your jewelry bag.


7. Don’t forget Q-tips! Coat the ends of a few cotton swabs in your favorite eye shadow shades, and then put them in a plastic sandwich bag when traveling to save packing space.

q tips with makeup

And, of course, make sure you relax, recharge your batteries, and spend wonderful bonding time with your family and yourself.


Tanya Signature


P.S. Where are you headed for Summer break?? Have any fun packing tips that have served you well over the years? Share with us in the comments below! 
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