Storing your cups and mugs

Storing Your Cups and Mugs

I have a little secret I want to share with you………….

I have a mug and cup obsession. I really do!!

16 oz or 8 oz, ceramic, glass or plastic. Love them all!!


Problem is, they can really start taking over your cabinets,

falling out on your head when you least expect it (true story.) and in general can be a real nuisance.

I’ve put together a few different  storage option ideas for you so that you don’t have your drinking vessels bungee jumping out at you whenever you reach in for a glass or cup.


Take a look at this lovely little hook thingie.

Cup hooks are so fabulous and this one is one of my favorites as there is no installation necessary!

Just slide that sucker on, and you have instant added space!! Love it!!



Under Shelf Mug Holder

            Under Shelf Mug Holder

Another fabulous idea is to put together a piece of art such as this really cool “do it yourself” coffee mug holder. This will serve a dual purpose as it will decorate your kitchen, and give you a wonderful way to store and display your mugs.

coffee cup wall display

DIY Coffee Cup Wall Display

I gotta tell you, I’m impressed! I love the men of my household, but we are not from the self-building kinda peeps.

Okay, you guys are going to flip over this one……………………..

Who knew you could use a clear over the door shoe bag for thirst quenching equipment???







     Over Door Shoe Bag Mug Storage

All you have to do is buy an over-the-door shoe bag and throw (okay, maybe don’t throw ) your cups, mugs, and travel mugs into the pockets.

I adore this storage option for  the following reasons.

  1.  I love the fact that you can see find your favorite mixer, shaker, freezy mug that your sister gave you last year at one glance!
  2. You can keep the cup and top together in the pockets so that you are not spending half the morning rooting around for your cup cover!
  3. You are utilizing storage area on the back of a door that would otherwise have been so lonely and cold! (hey, I worry about my door’s feelings.)
  4. You are freeing up precious cabinet space for other goodies like your dishes and pots!

And finally, check this one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mug and Cup Hanger

      Ikea Fintorp Mug Holder

Hang mugs and coffee pods with IKEA’s Fintorp System and create this stylish “coffee nook” of your own.

How fabulous is this?? Methinks it’s my favorite of all!

Well, thank you for spending some time with me today, and come back and visit often, as I regularly post great tips and trick to help you get your home, and your life, more organized.







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